Triad [Single]

by The Hot Place



Lisa King: "I have always admired David Crosby's songwriting, and this song is a perpetual favorite of mine. It was written in 1967, and I wanted to capture a bit of that original psychedelic paisley smoke in the performance. Our recording of this song is very moody, hypnotic, and mesmerizing...almost as if you were in a dark swamp talking to the spanish moss, or out in the deep Mojave Desert at night, with millions of stars overhead. A lot of this recording was made live in the Big Room on the Floor at Southern Tracks Recording. This was my first shot at playing brushes on a snare drum, and my 'bongo playing debut!' Our recording engineer Steven Morrison played vibes and piano on the track, and that really added to the spooky vibe. Jeff's Jazzmaster volume swells mix with my 12 string guitar in a way that is unforgettable."


Originally released January 1, 2014, Reissued on August 14, 2017
(This song has been licensed for streaming by The Harry Fox Agency)

© 2013/2017 No Big Wheel Music/No Big Wheel Records


released August 10, 2017

The Hot Place are: Lisa King-Vocals, 12 String Guitar, Vibes, Bongos and Brushes on Snare Drum, Wurlitzer; Jeff Calder-Guitars; Mike Lynn-Guitars; Steve Morrison-Vibes, Piano; Robert Schmid plays drums with The Hot Place.

Produced by Lisa King & Jeff Calder
Mixed by Steve Morrison at Southern Tracks
Recording Engineers: Steve Morrison & C.J. Ridings at Southern Tracks and Lisa King at No Big Wheel Studios, Atlanta GA.
Session Assistant Engineers: Chase Cassara & Daniel Pope.
Editing & Additional Recording: Tim DeLaney at Electron Gardens, Atlanta GA and Greg “Fern” Quesnel at Southern Tracks.
Mastered by Rodney Mills at Rodney Mills Masterhouse.



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Track Name: Triad
by David Crosby

You want to know

How it will be

Me and him

Or you and me

You both stand there

Your long hair flowing

Eyes alive your mind still growing

Saying to me

"What can we do

Now that we both love you?"

I love you too

I don't really see

Why can't we go on as three

You are afraid

Embarrassed too

No one has ever said such

A thing to you

Your mother's ghost stands

At your shoulder

A face like ice

A little bit colder

Saying to you

"You cannot do that

It breaks all the rules

You learned in school."

I don't really see

Why can't we go on as three

We love each other

It's plain to see

There's just one answer

That comes to me

Sister Lovers

Water Brothers

And in time

Maybe others

So you see

What we can do

Is to try something new

If you're crazy too

I don't really see

Why can't we go on as three