Trans Sahara Express EP

by The Von Vons



The Von Vons are Greta Von Greta and Fritz Von Fritz, the dynamic duo of Lisa King and DJ Penny TransMission, who have been working together musically since 1986. Using a Vintage Roland Juno 60 and 106, a Korg Vocoder, Ensoniq technology, Synclavier stored samples, Roland TR-808 and The LinnDrum-plus analog guitars, bass, vocals, and much more, they create a sound that is one part Autobahn and one part Freak Scene.

Album download includes Front and Back cover, and bonus art.

© 2017 DJ Gori/Mortuary Music
© 2017 No Big Wheel Records

[NBW_MM_VV_001-12] - The VonVon's-TSEx-EP
Album art by DJ Penny TransMission

originally released October 1, 2013, reissued August 14, 2017

All music and instrumentation by Greta Von Greta and Fritz Von Fritz.


released August 14, 2017



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